The Best Places For Hikers In The East Bay

There are a host of attractions within the East Bay area that draw potential tenants to your rental property. But some of the most renowned and breathtaking views from the countless hiking trails may be some of the most significant perks to residents. Hiking in the East Bay is very popular. As you market some of what the East Bay has to offer, knowing the best hiking experiences can be beneficial. Today, we’ll highlight some of the best places for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in the East Bay.

While some of the area parks and hiking trails are closed due to COVID-19 guidelines, there are still plenty of outdoor paths that remain open. Visitor centers, picnic areas, and campsites may be closed. But with social distancing and face masks when applicable, there are several East Bay trails just waiting to be explored.

Enjoy a Hike Along Lake Chabot Loop

Lake Chabot Regional Park offers a shorter, paved 3.64-mile hike that is ideal for novice walkers and bike riders looking for a more leisurely stroll. The trailhead begins at the Lake Chabot Marina and features some of the greatest views of the lake and the dam. Explorers have reported seeing bald eagles soaring above the water.

For a more comprehensive hiking experience, enthusiasts can continue on to a 9.5-mile journey via the West Short Trail. Hikers follow these paths to Bass Cove Trail, on to Columbine Trail, and through the Honker Bay Trail for even more breathtaking views. Ending along the Cameron Loop Trail and East Short Trail that lead back to the Marina, these trails offer so much for those looking for more of an immersive, outdoor experience. 

Hikers Love the East to West Ridge Loops

This ten-mile trail begins in the Redwood Regional Park at the Canyon Meadow Staging Area. It’s the home of most of the East Bay’s redwood trees. This hiking trail is a true gem for enthusiasts and leads through Canyon Trail before connecting with the East Ridge Trail. Mountain bikers love this route as well, so walking through means keeping an eye out for fast-peddling riders. Once you connect to the West Ridge Trail, you’ll enjoy expansive and wide-open views of Contra Costa. Hiking in the East Bay doesn’t get any better than this.

Lafayette’s Briones Crest Trail Loop

Beginning at the Bear Creek Staging Area, the Briones Crest Trail is a must-see for anyone who enjoys hiking in the East Bay. It’s a backyard spot that the East Bay area residents love having nearby. This path can be a more rigorous, eight-mile workout, but the vistas and views are spectacular. There are shorter loops along this trail, so choosing a less intense hike or a shorter distance is easy. Many who already enjoy the Briones Crest Trail insist visiting during the spring when all the wildflowers are in bloom.

The Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Experience

The Las Trampas Regional Wilderness park offers 5,432 acres where the East Bay residents find solitude and connection with nature. The Rocky Ridge View Trail and Elderberry Trail Loop are moderate hiking experiences through nearly 4.7 miles of the great outdoors. It’s an uphill climb and sweeping descent with amazing views of the East Bay area and Mount Diablo. Much like the Briones Crest Loop, springtime hikes through the blooming wildflowers are an absolute favorite.

Considering today’s pandemic conditions, renters are looking for outlets for recreation and are considering moving to areas that have access to parks and trails. The East Bay has some of the best hiking trails and can be a great benefit to promote as you market to potential renters. For more area attractions to keep your East Bay rental property occupied, contact us!