Property Marketing: Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

Property Marketing: Tips to Attract Tenants in a Tough Market

No business can thrive without effective marketing. In the real estate market, this statement is even more paramount than in other markets.

Property marketing is the only way you'll bring in new tenants and get a return on your investment. The key is knowing how to attract new tenants when the market is so competitive.

To help you find that necessary spark, we've put together this guide. Keep reading to learn how to help your marketing tactics outshine your competition!

Show Personality

In a competitive housing market, you need something that makes you unique. Something that people remember years after their stay at your property.

A simple action to take is to give your property a sense of personality. You don't want it to be ordinary. Ordinary is forgettable, which never makes people excited to tell their friends or to return for another visit.

Find a brand personality you can incorporate in every aspect of your property. Use it to add vibrancy to your listings, your interactions with the guests, and the property itself. Playing up a personality brings a unique quality to the property that your tenants won't be able to find anywhere else.

Honesty and Integrity

Keep your listings honest so that no one goes onto your property expecting one thing and receiving another. This loses the trust of your tenants.

It's also vital that you're up-front about the things you expect from the tenant. For example, make it known right away whether or not you allow pets on the property. It's frustrating for your potential guests to find a property they love, only to realize that they can't bring their pet with them.

Integrate Technology

There are many ways to use current technology to your business's advantage. Implementing these things into your listings can give you an extra edge against your competition.

Virtual tours, for instance, give people an instant feel for the property and let them see the beautiful details you work to create. Online tools can make booking a rental easier than ever before, streamlining the process for both you and your tenants.

Look into adding better technology to your business marketing strategy to get the most out of these trends.

Candid Reviews

Whenever possible, encourage past tenants to leave reviews and referrals for your property. Finding new tenants is a lot easier when they have proof that past tenants enjoyed their stay.

Once you have these reviews, make them available through your listings and other property info. You don't want a glowing review to go to waste. Use it to help with attracting tenants to keep your business flowing!

Get Help With Property Marketing

Mastering property marketing isn't always easy. Even with the best tips, tenants can be elusive. Partnering with a professional management company could make all the difference for your business.

With 20 years of worldwide experience, PMI East Bay can provide you with the guidance you need to succeed. We have experts equipped with top tech who can help with property marketing, rent pricing, tenant screening, maintenance, and more.

Contact us today and we'll pair you with one of our professionals who'll bring new insight to your business ventures!