3 Things to Know About Association Managers in Contra Costa, CA

3 Things to Know About Association Managers in Contra Costa, CA

Forty-four percent of Californians rent a home, according to government data, which means it's one of the highest rental markets in the country. A full-service property management company uses association managers to ensure your property runs in tip-top shape. Your real estate investment is valuable; don't let it fall by the wayside.

An association manager manages the property, screens tenants, and collects rent.

Here's more about the roles of association managers in Contra Costa, CA.

1. Manages the Property

An association manager ensures things such as lawn maintenance or when there's an issue with the water, power, or broken windows. Contra Costa, CA, association management will schedule contractors to fix sidewalks or pave parking lots.

Full-service property management handles calls for broken pipes, water heaters, or appliances. Property management deals with service calls at all hours of the day. They are responsible for having a list of contractors ready to work.

Property management ensures trash removal.

In addition, an association manager also solves disputes between residents. Should there be any problems with loud noise, parking, or large gatherings, association management remedies issues.

Moreover, association management looks over tenants moving in and out of your property.

2. Screens Tenants

A property management company wants good tenants for their properties. Fewer problems and less aggravation are crucial to running a successful property.

A full-service property management company looks out for red flags, such as a bad credit history or a history of evictions. Association managers know to look for things such as violent crimes or other criminal violations.

A person who is being untruthful about their income could be unable to afford the monthly rent.

Moreover, association managers are knowledgeable of federal housing discrimination laws. Association management knows the rules that cost you legal fees over the long-term.

3. Collects Rent

A full-service property management company also uses the most up-to-date methods of collecting rent. They will use things such as automatic withdrawal and collection apps. Managers establish a payment portal or secure drop box.

Collecting rent using technology also makes the process smooth. You can send payment reminders via text or email.

Managers also set the rules. For example, they will select the date when rent will be collected.

In addition, managers set the collections process in place when tenants don't pay rent. They enforce the consequences, such as grace periods, late fees, and eviction notices.

Orderly and timely rent collection ensures bills and taxes are paid on time.

Three Roles of Association Managers

Three roles of association managers include managing the property, screening tenants, and collecting rent.

Hiring a professional team to guarantee these tasks are accomplished monthly gives you confidence in your real estate investment.

We are the best full-service property management team in Contra Costa, CA. Our skilled professionals give you peace of mind as a property owner. We work with you to establish the exact services you need and want as a landlord.